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About David Afflick

“All the world’s a stage” is a statement that couldn’t ring any truer for New England actor David Afflick. As a full-time high school English teacher in Concord, New Hampshire, David performs with enthusiasm daily for the kids in his classroom. However when class is out and grades are done David is busy on set and on screen as an active actor in New England.

While it’s inevitably challenging to be an actor with a day job when so many opportunities happen during business hours, David hasn’t let anything get in the way of pursuing his dream. When he’s not busy grading papers and having parent teacher meetings he’s reading scripts, driving for hours across New England attending auditions, classes and of course filming gigs that include a range that spans from commercials, to student films, feature films, independent shorts, web-series and more.

Unlike most superheros with hidden dual identities, David doesn’t keep his alter ego a secret from the kids in the classroom. In fact it’s a pleasure for the kids and for David when he shares his on-screen successes with their eager young minds. Who wouldn’t want to see their high school English teacher in a scene with Kevin James in Here Comes the Boom?

Interestingly enough David even finds ways to bring the acting world into the classroom that enriches the children’s learning experience. Through much acting training, David practices exercises that encourage the development of listening skills, and decided to try these exercises in his classroom. Turns out these “acting” exercises proved to be a fun way to help the kids be more present and available to one another while also creating cohesiveness and bonding in the classroom.

David took the stage for the first time in 2010, getting his feet wet in a local theater production of “Harvey” playing Dr. Sanderson. The exhilaration of that performance told him that this was it, “I got the acting bug and wanted to be on stage” he says. But while David enjoyed his experiences in theater he found himself becoming more focused on film. “I love the energy of the audience,” he recounts, “but I really felt a pull toward film and started actively pursuing it.”

David’s dedication to his craft and commitment to his development as a film actor is apparent in his actions. For the first summer of his career he regularly commuted three hours to Connecticut to train with renowned acting coach and casting director Reno Venturi of the Actors Gym. This investment of time and resources proved to be valuable for David, who admits that much of his confidence in himself today as an actor is credited to Reno’s mentor-ship, and has worked intensively taking classes throughout New England, most recently with Steve Blackwood’s MasterClass.

Whether it’s in the classroom or on stage, David wants to be a conveyor of truth to his audience and leads by example. With a no-excuse attitude and the work ethic of a true New Englander, David’s helps his kids to stretch their own expectations and their interests in life. What message does his example send to the kids in the classroom? “Go explore something that you might not otherwise explore, live your life in the moment while finding your own truth,” says David.

As he proceeds forward through the challenges and successes of his journey in acting, David feels the support of the New England community is an integral part to his endurance in the industry. Firmly rooted in the growing “Together We Rise” mentality of the local scene, David is eager to continue flexing his acting muscles as an integral part of a greater quest for truthful living. Even if it has to be on nights and weekends. For now.

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